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Located across the Charles River and north of Boston, Cambridge is a city in its own right. It is home to numerous unversities, such as MIT, Harvard University, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and more. 

Cambridge is also known as "The City of Squares," as most of its neighborhoods are anchored by major street intersections known as squares. The most widely known neighborhoods in Cambridge are Kendall Square, Central Square, Harvard Square, Porter Square, Inman Square and Lechmere Square. 

Cambridge is also known for its burgeoning technology sector, with many prominent companies such as Google, Pfizer, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon all maintaining campuses within the city limits. The largest single employers within the city have to be MIT and Harvard University, employing a combined 20,000.

Residents of Cambridge and surrounding communities enjoy easy access to Boston via the MBTA's Red Line as well as the esplanade along the Charles River. 

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