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The Kenmore area of the city of Boston is often appropriately linked with The Fenway. Moreover, most people refer to this part of the city under it’s official name, Fenway-Kenmore. From East Fenway, West Fenway, Audubon Circle, and Kenmore Square, there are many areas that make up this lovely part of Boston.

Like The Fenway, this encompassing area include Kenmore is experiencing quite the revitalization over recent years. The ownership group of the Red Sox have pumped millions of dollars into the area and into improving Fenway Park and the nearby surroundings. As a result of this commitment to the future, there are now countless luxury residential and commercial buildings being built, as well as new university facilities, bars, restaurants, and the like. Prices of real estate, as it so happens, is thus on the rise in the Fenway-Kenmore region of the Hub. With so many options for lifestyle and being near so much of the best that Boston has to offer, this area is certainly worth it’s value.

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