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The North End of Boston is by far one of it’s most historic, and architecturally preserved. Made famous by Paul Revere where his house still stands, the North End is well known for its Italian influence and has countless Italian Festival’s, and other cultural events. 

Well known for having some of the finest Italian restaurants, bakeries, deli’s, pastry shops, and the like, the North End is also home to famous places such as the Old North Church. Of only 0.5 square miles, there are many top schooling options, jobs, and public transportation options in the North End.

Being bordered by the West End, Downtown Boston, the Financial District, the Boston Waterfront, and more, the North End enjoys many tremendous views over the Boston Harbor and large city skyline. Living in the North End is almost like going back through time. It’s bustling, friendly atmosphere will forever keep the interest in real estate and tourists strong.

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