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The Mutlu Group’s early beginnings go back to 1999 when I was hired to perform at a musical theater as a professional drummer. As I was driving out to the venue, I found out that a friend in the group had recently started working as a real estate agent. I immediately knew that this is what I wanted to do for my life.


My studies in business, my service background and my years in the arts could come together in a field which would harbor and embrace it all.


I was taught the value of extraordinary service by my father. My great grandfather had migrated from the Balkans to what is modern-day Turkey. There were many stories about him in our household as he had established a very successful furniture business, and had invested in real estate for the future of his seven children. Everyone in the family talked about him with reverence as he was known to be a helper of people no matter what their backgrounds.


My grandfather had inherited from his father a spa hotel, and with it a work ethic that had always put people first. He had passed on the baton to my dad, who in turn was passing it onto me when I was a little kid. I remember my dad telling me when they did not have a vacancy at the hotel, how he would still receive the guests in the lobby and make them feel at home, serve them drinks and food knowing they had traveled a long way to get there. Then he would not only call around to find a suitable room for them in other establishments but also carry their suitcases to the same. He taught me the value of establishing relationships for life.


By the age of 10, I was serving refreshments, carrying bags and helping our guests settle in their rooms. Early on I learned the value of honoring people, listening to their stories, and started developing deeper connections.


Later on when I studied Business Administration in college, I noticed that the people aspect of business was the most appealing to me. I realized that understanding the client’s needs, marketing and making real value known, and helping people were not only fun but also of great value when exercised properly and conscientiously.

Soon after I entered the world of real estate almost two decades ago, I quickly grew to embrace and love a world where I was helping people with the most important purchase and sale decisions of their lives. I wanted to build a business around loving and lasting relationships. I had been a very hard-working agent for many years when I decided to grow my business to a unique position of excellence in service. I only looked to serve and educate our clients. As such, I started surrounding myself with team members who had life experience, exceptional business skills and the heart of a teacher.

Today we are a team of 4, and we’re growing. We are the Mutlu Group. Mutlu means happy in Turkish. We want your days and years to be filled with the same joy and happiness that we experience when we help you do better in life.

Gem Mutlu

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