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Somerville is a smaller area of just 4.2 square miles that exists in Middlesex County of Massachusetts. A great deal of investment has gone into the neighborhood and surrounding areas over recent times, hence raising the quality of life and value of real estate in Somerville. Just two miles northwest of Boston, there is currently a population of around 75,000 individuals in Somerville.

Somerville truly is defined by its array of gorgeous squares that are hubs for businesses, entertainment, and relaxation. With over seventeen of them, some of the notable ones include David Square, Union Square, and Ball Square.

This area is also home to eleven wonderful schools from pre-kindergarten through secondary school. Tufts University is also located in Somerville. There are also three library branches in Somerville, as well as other notable points of interests such as the George Dilboy Memorial Stadium, the eighty-three National Register of Historic Places sights and artifacts, a variety of parks and paths, as well as the Somerville Museum.

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