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A Fall Market Update, Our Houseguest in Italy, and The New Mutlu Group

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Dear Clients and Friends, 

It’s been a while since I have sent out a newsletter. I want you to know what we and the market have been up to. In addition to serving our clients’ needs as usual, I spent much of this summer recruiting to build a strong team, traveling to two conferences in Las Vegas to keep learning from the best of the best in the industry, and conceptualizing the future of what a truly care-driven, expert and holistic service in real estate would look like. 

This summer we named ourselves The Mutlu Group. We have since had two wonderful agents joining my team as buyer specialists. I will send out photos and bios in later e-mails for you to get m

ore acquainted with them. I will just say that they both love people, and they love to serve and help make things better. Our clients have already raved about their services. Many of you who have worked with us have commented on the ease of this Team Concept we bring to your lives. In addition to ourselves working as a team, we always look to refer you to the most skilled and caring professionals in their fields, people whom we feel comfortable entrusting our clients’ care to, and those who make it easy and secure for all of us. I can't tell you how important this is for you, like a proper diet, fresh air and exercise. These professionals are the finest real estate attorneys, mortgage planners, wealth managers, CPAs, insurance specialists, immigration attorneys, architects, stagers, interior designers, contractors, et al. We know well that it takes a villag

e. And, we want to make sure that everyone in 'your' village works seamlessly together. We call them our Business Partners. There will be more on this in future newsletters as well. 

As for the market, we have had a very strong one this year, and we continue to enjoy the same in Boston’s core neighborhoods, and in certain towns and price ranges around Greater Boston. At the same time, we have witnessed a certain build-up of inventory in the upper tiers of the market in some of the surrounding affluent towns, as many empty nesters look to sell their bigger homes and move to full-service luxury buildings in the city. This is in addition to a large group of millennials who are currently renting expensive apartments in an

d around Boston, with considerable disposable income, yet with the problem of a larger downpayment often required to purchase in our market, while tackling their large student debt accumulated in years prior. They will also be entering our marketplace soon.Lastly, foreign investment into the US real estate market has increased by almost 50% in a 12 month period last year. This is very significant, and speaks to more of the demand. Folks are staying in their homes longer than before, many having taken advantage of rock-bottom interest rates we've enjoyed in recent years, holding on before making a jump to their dream home. The true gauge of where the puck is going for 2018 will be determined in the next few months. Political and fiscal changes may have a direct impact on our markets

. On Nov. 16th I will be attending an important conference on your behalf, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and I will send you a special report afterwards about the "Economic Expectations of 2018", as it relates to our national and local real estate markets. This week I am in Brooklyn, NY, attending a conference about Market Trends and a look to the New Year coming up. 

As always, my deep gratitude to you for your continued endorsements, referrals of friends and family, and for your calls, texts and e-mails. We love hearing from you and the people you value. Thank you, and have a great November!





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